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Below are some reviews we have received from customers:

Sheena has from the start treated Cracker as if he were her own. She cleaned him, stepped back to let him eat her tit-bits and now keeps a keen eye on him when we are out. They are a lovely pair, if not well matched. Best wishes,

L. Trevethick

Robbie still likes to carry things in his mouth he enjoys every minute of every day. He is very good for jessie as she is a little timid when out walking. She is a proper little madam. Would not like to be without them. Yours,


Rosey and Sally get on really well together, they "play fight" for hours together and have to be parted. Rosey is a great character and we are really fond of her. Yours sincerely,

Margaret Newham

Dear Audrey As you know we have decided definitely to get another puppy as we have lost Molly. We are going to call her Ruby as it is our fortieth wedding anniversary in May and will love her to bits. Maisy is still poorly but a very happy and cheerful dog and I am trying very hard to get her weight down because of the steroids. Hopefully she will still be with us when we get Ruby as I am sure she will love a puppy, she is such a sweetie. Thanks for your patience, we only wanted to get another dog from you as Maisy has been the dearest girl, so look forward to hearing from you and seeing you soon. Best wishes,

Barbara Rose

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